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Jennifer Lucas
Acting Reel 2007-2013
For more recent work, see videos below

Friedman's Appliances - Comcast Productions

Is this thing on?                                                                  06/14

Friedman's Appliances - Comcast Productions

Let's do dinner!                                                             06/14

Indiegogo Pitch Video for film short Bad Karma

Written by Caleb Parazette                                                  07/14   

Oakland Nissan - Comcast Productions

Passion for the Customer                                            02/14

Friedman's Appliances - Comcast

Holiday Dinner Test Drive          11/13   

Friedman's Appliances - Comcast

Live Appliances!                          02/13   

Voice Over Reel - Leapfrog Inc.


Chilton Auto Body - Comcast

Busy Mom                            2009

Estate Consignments - Comcast

Imagine That                              2008 

Kiss the Blindness -

From the play "Going South"             2009 

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